Sept. 20 – Oct. 18, 2024

This year E11even 2 will be getting a whole new group of visitors to grace everyone with their presence and maybe cause a little mischief while they are at it. The success and popularity of Billy Nainiger’s solo show entitled KARICTERZ held in late 2022 has inspired him to produce a new collection of artwork. The opening on October 18, 2024 entitled KARICTERZ TOO: The Knew Batch, will be sure to entertain and amuse art enthusiasts of all kind. This new group of wall sculptures with a personality will be sure to greet everyone that visits with a little humor, absurdity, love and bizarre nature. Pieced together with found objects including wood, metal, nuts and bolts, Billy Nainiger brings each friend to life. If you enjoyed the first show be sure to make it out for the sequel that promises to be more complex, funny and exciting than the first!

Featured Artists

Billy Nainiger

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tnt don't panic abstract stencil painting
E11even 2: The Best Damn Gallery
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1300 W. 78 St. Suite 112
Cleveland, OH 44102



Third Friday of the Month,
5:00 PM –9:00 PM

By Appointment