Flourish: a Celebration of Urban and Elegant Botanical Beauty


Mar. 15 – April 19, 2024

“Flourish: A Celebration of Urban and Elegant Botanical Beauty” is an art exhibit that showcases the beauty of flora through both an urban and elegant/timeless lens. The exhibit celebrates the diverse and awe-inspiring beauty of botanical life and features a collection of art pieces, including 3D ceramics and 2D design works that captures both the timeless elegance of nature and the vibrancy and resilience of botanical life within the urban landscape.

Through a fusion of contemporary and classical artistic styles, “Flourish” invites viewers to appreciate the often overlooked botanical beauty of simple/delicate florals as well as the resilience of city plants and environments, highlighting their ability to thrive while exuding grace and charm. This visually captivating exhibit serves as a homage to the splendor of botanicals and aims to inspire a newfound appreciation for the natural world and our environments.




Featured Artists

Allie Primisch
Katy Clark
Karen Sacco
Claire Raack
Hannah Manocchio

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Karen Sacco
E11even 2: The Best Damn Gallery
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Reach Out

1300 W. 78 St. Suite 112
Cleveland, OH 44102



Third Friday of the Month,
5:00 PM –9:00 PM

By Appointment